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North Shore Dolphins has a fundamental obligation and responsibility to protect the health,
safety and physical and mental well-being of every individual that is involved in the
club's diving community.

North Shore Dolphins takes any situation involving misconduct or maltreatment very
seriously. For this reason, North Shore Dolphins is committed to enacting and enforcing
strong, clear, and effective policies and processes for preventing and addressing all forms of
misconduct or maltreatment.

North Shore Dolphins specifically recognizes BC Diving's Safe Sport Policy Suite as forming
part of this Policy, and its language, policies and procedures are hereby adopted as the safe
sport policies and procedures for North Shore Dolphins. BC Diving's Safe Sport Policy Suite
can be found here.

These policies are intended to promote a Safe Sport environment in a manner that allows for
consistent immediate, appropriate and meaningful action should any issues arise, and also to
prevent issues from arising in the first place by communicating expected standards of

This Safe Sport Policy applies to North Shore Dolphins, its Members and all individuals
affiliated or involved with North Shore Dolphins. Should any individuals involved with North
Shore Dolphins
and its Members, including but not limited to athletes, coaches, officials,
volunteers, and parents/guardians of athletes, wish to report any instance of misconduct or
maltreatment, they must do so by communicating directly with BC Diving’s Independent Third
Party Officer, who will then determine the appropriate forum and manner in which to address
the complaint. Breaching the conduct standards described in the Safe Sport Policy can cause
significant sanctions up to and including permanent ineligibility from participation.

North Shore Dolphins also recognizes the recent development of the Universal Code of
Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS). Since the UCCMS may
continue to evolve in the foreseeable future, this Safe Sport Policy Manual incorporates the key
elements of version 5.1 of the UCCMS. North Shore Dolphins also recognizes and adopts the
language of viaSport's British Columbia Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC)." found here.

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